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ABC’s World News Now

Yes, it’s true, my updates here have been few and far between of late. But I have a good excuse! Since late May I’ve been co-anchoring ABC’s overnight shows “World News Now” and “America This Morning” with the delightful Peggy Bunker. We’ve really had a great time and I’ll be on that shift through July 15. The hours can be a little taxing though, to say the least, and it’s meant juggling my other demands at various times of the day.

Still doing press related to the book, including an upcoming interview on NPR’s WAMU in DC on July 12 and appearing on page 75 in the July issue of Men’s Journal magazine. There will also be a UK edition released January 2012. More details to come. Plus I’m keeping up the “Tech This Out!” show as best we can, contributing to other networks when possible, and forging ahead with new material for Details magazine (watch for the August issue). Stay tuned.

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