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DEMO 2011 for ABC’s “Tech This Out!”

We just got back from the DEMO conference in Palm Desert, CA, where we shot our first episode of “Tech This Out!” for 2011.  The conference gave us a chance to take a close look at some emerging technologies and products that may shape tomorrows technology landscape (including a “mind-reading” device, virtual dressing rooms, and a simulated altitude); plus getting away from the cold New York winter didn’t hurt either.

In case you’re not familiar with DEMO, it brings together just over 50 unique, invite-only start-up companies from all over the world, and lets them present their technology to an audience of about 700.  In attendance are venture capitalists, the news media and large companies like Qualcomm and Microsoft, all looking out for the next big thing.

What makes DEMO unique is the format.  With relatively few companies compared the other conventions, each company is given exactly six minutes to present their product on the DEMO stage to an influential audience that can potentially give them the financing or exposure they need to take off.

Past companies to launch at DEMO include trendsetters Palm, TiVo, E*TRADE, VMWare and the first mainstream web browser, Netscape.

So which companies from this years DEMO are going to be the trailblazers of tomorrow? Watch the episode and decide for yourself (parts one and two are below).

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