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Latest MSNBC chat :: The Daily

On Tuesday afternoon I appeared on MSNBC with Contessa Brewer to talk about Facebook stalking and a new site called, which is definitely provoking a “creepy” reaction. It allows you to watch people (who voluntarily sign up) surf the web in real time. The site’s creator told me he hopes it exposes how nothing is really private online and offers users new ideas for content. While it mainly it elicits a collective “EW!” and generates feelings of discomfort (and worries about stalking), there’s no denying that on some level voyeurism is already part of the web thanks in large part to social networks.

More news soon about ABC’s “Tech This Out!” season two as we get under way in earnest. I also got a chance this week to contribute a couple of video pieces to The Daily iPad newspaper– one about the AOL-HuffPo merger and one about Chipotle firings (it’s all hands on deck at The Daily– not always sci-tech stuff). We’ll see where it leads.

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