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Tech This Out! UPDATE #5

UPDATE #5: Skipped ahead a bit: TTO! #5 is live on Hulu and #6 will follow soon. Highlights of #5 include a look at the 3D hype and the viral success of The Gregory Brothers. You can find it all here. Next episode (#6) goes live 10/12/10 with a look at cash for trash with and a spin in the Ford electric Focus…stay tuned! (Next up with #7: smart phones meet smart bikes and we take you behind the scenes of our show.)


  1. Wonderful! Can’t wait to watch :) Congrats!!! Especially interested in the moms who have been creating their own apps…anything help young boys to stop fighting? ;)

  2. Can’t wait to see the premier episode! Good luck with the final edits.

  3. Diane Bell /

    Congratulations Daniel, this is great news. I only wish I could actually watch the show. Snippets where possible, please/

  4. RN2010 /

    Looking forward to seeing the first show. Your past shows and news pieces are fantastic. I bet you enjoyed the Audi A8 ‘field test’ !!

  5. watched it and loved it. Congrats! Your personality and broadcasting gifts really shine….can’t wait to see more! :)

  6. Just watched the newest episode of Tech This Out! Great work and totally interesting. Looking forward to seeing more.

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